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Edsby is a comprehensive K-12 digital learning & data platform to provide a modern way for schools to communicate attendance, student progress, school information and more to parents/guardians and students. Edsby replaces TLXE, StudentsAchieve, HomeLogic and StudentsAchive Parent Portal.   

Edsby Overview

October 26, 2020 - Edsby Reporting, Gradebook Checklist & Family Communication


Welcome to the Edsby Reporting, Gradebook Checklist & Family Communication PD module for Monday, October 26, 2020. 

Scheduled Time: 30 minutes

Teams Discussion Link - If you have questions during or after you complete this module, Instructional Technology will be available on Monday, October 26th from 9 a - noon.

Documents are stored in SECPSD Instructional Technology Team > Edsby Files and are linked here from the Instructional Technology Team.

Here are the sections for today's learning:

  • Information - Reporting Overview for Report Period 1
  • Teacher Task - Gradebook Checklist for Grades 1 - 12 Teachers
  • Teacher Task - Seating Plan for COVID Contact Tracing
  • If Time Permits - Edsby Communication Features for Teachers & Families


A reminder of the core features Edsby rollout:

  • Accounts - Fully implemented and supported
  • Attendance - Fully implemented and supported
  • Gradebook - Fully implemented and supported
    • Reporting - Under development with SECPSD, Edsby and Skopus (PCG)
  • Communication - Partially implemented and supported


At this time, we will be focusing  on reporting and communication and ask that schools and teachers not venture into other Edsby parts such as Evidence of Learning, Portfolios, etc.  As you have likely found, there are many great parts to Edsby and we will continue to build on the Edsby core features foundation for schools and families, as time permits.

Student-Led Conferencing information was sent to administrators on Monday, October 19 that contains the parameters and structures for online SLCs that will not be addressed in this module.

Reporting Overview for Report Period 1

Report cards are a snapshot in time that communicate a small part of overall achievement, but they are sometimes out of date by the time they get printed and distributed to families.

Edsby will allow us to communicate real time student progress and class information to families. Teachers are able to keep gradebooks, report and communicate to families all in one place.


We know that teachers are interested in the reporting process this school year. We continue to work with Edsby and Skopus (PCG) on reporting.


  • We cannot print a Skopus report card at this time
  • Instead, we will be using an Edsby online report card for report period 1


With this information in mind, we designed today's session to prepare teachers for report period 1.

Edsby Teacher Reporting Overview for Online/Printed Report Cards

  • Teachers will see a reporting area open up in Edsby
    •  The Edsby Reporting area is not turned on so you won't be able to see until the work is completed.
  • Outcome marks will automatically populate for each outcome and overall mark (10-12) from teacher gradebook tasks. (Similar to TLXE Period Grades screen)
  • Teachers can make professional judgement adjustments to the automatically populated marks
  • Teachers add comments
  • Teachers submit report cards for administrator review


Edsby Administrator Reporting Overview for Online/Printed Report Cards

  • School Administrator and Office Staff can see progress of teacher class report card submissions

  • School Administrators review marks, comments and may suggest teacher revisions
  • School Administrator finalizes report cards for exporting
  • Export options
    • Publish report card online to view by families in Edsby
    • Export to Skopus - This is not ready at this time.


Reporting Notes

  • Social Skills and Work Habits - Teachers will not report Social Skills and Work Habits through Edsby Reporting at this time. You may still communicate with families about SS/WH through your SLC, Edsby messages or a separate Word document, if needed.
  • Reporting non-grade level outcomes and adaptations - At this time, we do not have a solution through Edsby. IIPs continue to be reported within clevr. Learning Supports is working on additional reporting information.
  • Attendance - This should be on the online report card as well.

Teacher Task - Gradebook Checklist for Grades 1 - 12 Teachers

A crucial component for reporting is making sure your assessments are up to date in the Edsby gradebook. Remember to share your assessments and update your gradebooks weekly.

Please go through the Edsby Gradebook Checklist and check each of your Edsby gradebook class setups.

Grades 1 - 9 teachers will need to make an adjustment to their gradebook setup to prepare for reporting by adding a GLO (outcome units) and equal outcome weighting. Despite the word "weighting" this is simply a step necessary for reporting outcomes

Grades 10 - 12 outcome based teachers please ensure the only weighting Buckets (Edsby term) used in the Edit Weighting section within the Gradebook contains the GLOs (curriculum outcomes). There should be no additional Buckets such as final exam, tests, assignments, labs, etc.

Teacher Task - Seating Plan for COVID Contact Tracing

Each class will need a seating plan submitted to the office for COVID contact tracing. Please generate an Edsby seating plan PDF and follow directions by your administrator on how they will collect this information. See the Edsby Seating Plans document for complete instructions.

If Time Permits - Edsby Communication Features for Teachers & Families

An Edsby communication feature summary has been created to assist teachers in using class and assessment communication along with what parents/guardians and students can respond to and view. These features are the most beneficial for teachers in messaging to families in their class and assessment progress.

See the Edsby Communication document for complete information.