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Teaching with Technology

The world, and our students, have changed. Students need to become competent users of today's tools and learn to use them effectively and responsibly. Teaching with technology is a broad topic. We currently have several modules, divided into a variety of categories​. Brief descriptions of each topic are provided at the bottom of this page​.​​

How to Use These Modules

​​There are no mandatory modules.  Participate in as many, or as few, as you would like.

Following a link will take you to a page that provides you with more detailed information; the actual PD or training will often involve visiting non-Cornerstone sites. 

Contract your regional Instructional Technology team -  Jeff Walters, Coordinator, and consultants Curtis Bourassa, (South), Grant Taylor (East) or Michael Van Betuw (West) ​for additional information, support, or to request the development of additional modules.

Session Descriptions

Do you need more training in how to use common classroom technologies?  Visit

  • ​​Microsoft Innovator Program - This module is a free online Microsoft professional learning network and begin taking online courses, earning points and badges towards becoming a Microsoft Innovative Educator.  

  • SMARTBoards - under development. Learn how to leverage the power of your SMARTBoard. Hint - it is more useful than just serving as a projector screen.


​We know that our students must be taught how to use digital resources effectively AND responsibly.  Check out our available resources on Digital Citizenship.

  • Digital Citzenship: MediaSmarts - One of our 3 licensed resources from MediaSmarts is the teacher Web Awareness Workshop Series. Your school administrator will provide you with your usernames & passwords, or contact Jeff Walters, Coordinator of Instructional Technology.


Try a few of our favourite apps, both iPad and web-based.  These are great tools that promote student creativity, communication, and allow students more choice in showing you what they know and can do.
  • Book​ Creator​ - a fantastic iPad app that allows your students to create eBooks to show what they know. Suitable for all ages.

  • Flipgrid​ - Back-to-school intros, booktalks, reflections, expert Q&As, showcase STEAM ideas...the possibilities are endless for students to verbalize their learning!​ Free when registering with our Microsoft O365 accounts.​


​Coding is increasingly becoming an important literacy that all of our students should experience.  Whether you are looking for a quick introduction, a longer program for your classroom, or a great resource for your school coding club, here are some great places to start, no teacher coding experience required!

  • Hour of Code - The Hour of Code is a worldwide opportunity for students to get acquainted with coding.  A huge variety of activities are available including many for non-readers as well as unplugged activities (no technology required!)

  • ​CS Fir​st - CS First is a great resource for teachers who have little to no experience with coding themselves but understand the importance of introducing it to their students. Ideal for either an entire class or a school coding club.  Teach​ers can select from either single, one-hour activities or from a variety of themes to build an extended 8-lesson learning experience.  Students can also complete all club activities from home. ​​