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Book Creator
​​​​​Book Creator is an iPad app used to create digital books and is suitable for almost all grades, all subject areas.  Teachers can create interactive teaching resources or can let the students take the reins.  ​The opportunities are plentiful wit​h Book Creator: Interactive Stories, Digital Portfolios, Research Journals, Poetry Books, Science Reports, Instruction Manuals, "About me" books, and comics are some examples of how to incorporate Book Creator.  ​​


This module ​will take roughly 45 minutes to complete.  It contains an "About Video" and a 20 minute "Book Creator Tutorial".  Please check your student iPads for the Book​ Creator app (shown below in the video).  Upon completion of the videos and/or premade Book Creator books, located under the Featured Links section, explore the Book Creator app.  Once you have completed​ this module, answer the questions in the "Instruction" section and copy the badge to your PGP. 

Note  Book Creator is a paid app. Depending on the number of iPads, Instructional Technology may be able to purchase for student designated iPads in your school. Contact Jeff Walters, Coordinator of Instructional Technology, for more details. There is a free version but it only allows one book to be created and stored at a time. 

Currently SECPSD has a limited amount of licenses for the iPad app.  There is also a paid computer version of Book Creator, Book Creator for Chrome, for which we are not licensed.  Each version offers​ different perks.  

Book Creator for iPadBook Creator for Chrome
-        Quickly add pictures and videos from the iPad-        Real time collaboration
-        Use the pen tool to annotate your book-        Ability to create a class library
-        Read in iBooks or send to apps such as Seesaw. -        Built in Google Image Search
-        Easy to share as a ePub or PDF: airdrop to a common iPad for presenting. -        Provide real time feedback
-        Cannot share with Book Creator for Chrome-        Cannot share with Book Creator for iPad



​Book Creator provides opportunities to share student work and create books in any subject area.  The books can be saved in a variety of ways including PDF, video, and ePub, the interactive version of the book. Book Creator provides an alternative creation tool that students can easily use from elementary school to high school.  

Within Book Creator are various differentiation tools such as the  "read-to-me" function or the built in microphone which students can use to create audio recordings to express learning verbally.  Students can even share their learning through mini-movies.  

Book Creator for iPad

Below is a brief tutorial of how to use Book Creator.  Follow along with the tutorial to learn how to operate the app. 



  1. ​Watch the introduction​ video 
  2. ​Make sure Book Creator is on your schools iPads. Complete an iPad app deployment form​ if necessary. 
  3. ​Watch the tutorial video OR read through a minimum of one of the premade Book Creator books located below.
  4. Create your own Book Creator book based on a topic of your choice.    
  5. ​​In your PGP answer the following questions: 
    1. How would you incorporate Book Creator in your classroom? ​​ 
    2. What added benefit does using book creator have over a traditional paper and pencil method? 
  6. Copy the Book Creator badge into your PGP when you have finished your book. ​​Book Creator.png​​